A dramatic turning away from the Labor party over the course of the federal election campaign is a win for religious freedom and parents’ rights, the Australian Christian Lobby said tonight.

“The policy difference between the two major parties on religious freedom was very clear, on everything from freedom for faith-based schools, to parents’ rights to raise their kids free of gender theory, ” said ACL managing director, Martyn Iles.

ACL’s field campaigns across the nation highlighted both policy issues to voters.

“Hundreds of thousands of leaflets, countless phone calls, and an extensive digital campaign went into seats like McMahon, Canning, Bass, Chisholm, Boothby and Petrie. ”

“The results in McMahon speak for themselves, with an extraordinary swing against incumbent Labor MP Chris Bowen, but our other target seats also showed strong results, with Labor losing Bass. ”

“Should the Coalition be able to form government, they will have a clear mandate to legislate for religious freedom, and to stand against radical social policies. They can also know that there is an activated constituency willing to back them on these issues.”

Mr Iles said that prayer had also played a role.

“This result is astonishing, and totally unpredicted. But among our 140,000+ supporters, I have seen more Christians committed to prayer over this election than any other in living memory. Their concerns about religious freedom were so strong. By praying and acting, we have seen a win for religious freedom.”

Mr Iles said ACL looks forward to working with the next parliament to advance religious freedom.