The single greatest influence on Australian society

For over 200 years, Christian ethics and principles have shaped Australian society.

From our legal and political system to our education and healthcare sectors.

Freedom of belief is our most important right in Australia and it must be defended and protected.

Josh’s Story

Imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t pray.

Religious Freedom Review

On 22 November 2017 the Prime Minister, Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, announced the appointment of an Expert Panel to examine whether Australian law adequately protects the human right to freedom of religion.

Read ACL's Submission

Protecting freedoms to live out your faith

Is it the governments role to impose an orthodoxy on human sexuality and on marriage, and to punish and coerce people who don't agree?

Don't be silenced

Will your faith get you in trouble?

Christians are already falling foul of our laws.

Martyn Iles, managing director of Australian Christian Lobby outlines several Australian cases at Embolden17 - ACL's national conference last November.

Church and State

Even in our increasingly secular society, the church remains the single largest community group in Australia.

Like any other community group, Christians have a right to speak up and make a positive contribution to our public debate.

For Christians, making this contribution is part of demonstrating our love for our neighbours.

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