Party Responses to ACL Election Questionnaire

Party 1.
Only two sexes
Definition of a woman
Against gender theory
Parents withdraw children from classroom
Support religious freedom

schools rights

Against conversion laws like Vic
Against Voluntary Assisted Dying
NSW One Nation
Philip Donato MP
(Independent for Orange)
Informed Medical Options Party



Does the party believe that there are two sexes, male and female?

The Oxford Dictionary definition of a woman is‚ adult female human being. Does your party agree with this definition of a woman?

Gender ideology, with no biological scientific basis, is infiltrating Australian schools via the national curriculum including the use of pronoun badges and the introduction of books promoting gender fluid theories being read to children or available in school libraries, often without parental knowledge or consent. Does your party support the teaching of non-scientific gender ideology in schools?

Does your party affirm that parents should be allowed to withdraw their children from classroom lessons if what is being taught is contrary to their social and moral values?

Religious freedom is an essential pillar of any democratic society. Will your party support legislative reform to protect people of faith from discrimination in NSW?

Parents who choose to enrol their children in a Christian school rightly expect all staff within a Christian school to share the beliefs of the school. Does your party believe religious schools should be allowed to exclusively hire staff who share and model, their ethos?

If a child decides they wish to pursue a transgender identity, Victorian legislation compels medical practitioners and parents to affirm them in that pathway. Under Victorian law, a parent can now be convicted of emotional and psychological abuse (which is family violence) if they do not affirm their child in transitioning to the opposite sex. Would your party support or oppose the introduction of similar laws in NSW?

The Voluntary Assisted Dying laws passed in NSW last year included an amendment to force faith-based nursing homes to allow euthanasia on their premises, despite many having a strong moral opposition to physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. Would your party support the repeal of this amendment on the basis of conscientious objection?




ACL cannot tell you who to vote for.  We can however, share information about candidates. Some candidates will be stronger Christians than others.