Candidate Responses to ACL Election Questionnaire

Legislative Council (Upper House)

Name Party Christian Conservative political views 1.
Only two sexes
Definition of a woman
Against gender theory
No changes
Parents withdraw children from classroom

Against conversion laws like Vic

Support religious freedom
schools rights
Against Voluntary Assisted Dying
An unborn child is human
Against abortion
Lyle Shelton Family First
Milton Clive Caine  
Millie Fontana
John Ruddick  
A tiny tiny % of people are born with gender dysphoria
Deborah Anne Jane Lions
Milan Maksimovic



Do you believe there are two sexes, male and female?

The Oxford Dictionary definition of a woman is‚ adult female human being‚ Do you agree with this definition of a woman?

Contrary to biological science, the national education curriculum includes lessons that teach children that their gender is on a spectrum and can be changed. Do you support schools teaching non-scientific gender theory?

Would you support legislation that enables anyone to change the sex on their birth certificate, without reassignment surgery?

Do you believe that parents should be allowed to withdraw their children from classroom lessons if what is being taught is contrary to their social and moral values?

The State of Victoria has conversion laws in place that mandate affirmation therapy for anyone, including children, wanting to change their gender. Global best practice of‚ watchful waiting‚ is a criminal offence. In the event of a conscience vote to pass a similar law in NSW, how would you vote?

Religious freedom is an essential pillar of a democratic society. Would you support legislative changes to protect religious people in NSW from discrimination?

Do you believe religious schools should be allowed to exclusively hire staff who share, and model, their ethos?

Voluntary Assisted Dying laws passed in NSW last year included an amendment to force faith-based nursing homes to allow euthanasia on their premises. In the event of a conscience vote to remove this amendment, how would you vote?

Do you believe that an unborn child is human from the moment of conception?

Do you believe that abortion services should be expanded in NSW?




ACL cannot tell you who to vote for.  We can however, share information about candidates. Some candidates will be stronger Christians than others.