How MP's Voted on Life Issues

Legislative Council (Upper House)

Name Party Voted against Abortion Voted against Euthanasia Re-contesting
Emma Hurst Australian Justice Party 2027
Mark Pearson Australian Justice Party
Adam Searle Australian Labor Party 
Anthony D'Adam Australian Labor Party 2027
Courtney Houssos Australian Labor Party   
Daniel Mookhey Australian Labor Party   2027
Greg Donnelly Australian Labor Party   2027
John Graham Australian Labor Party 
Mark Buttigieg Australian Labor Party  2027
Michael Veitch Australian Labor Party
Penny Sharpe Australian Labor Party  2027
Peter Primrose Australian Labor Party  2027
Rose Jackson Australian Labor Party 
Shaoquett Moselmane Australian Labor Party 
Tara Moriarty Australian Labor Party   2027
Walter Secord Australian Labor Party
Abigail Boyd The Greens 2027
Cate Faehrmann The Greens   
Sue Higginson The Greens      2027
Justin Field Independent
Fred Nile Independent
Aileen McDonald Liberal     2027
Chris Rath Liberal    
Damien Tudehope Liberal 2027
Lous Amato Liberal
Matthew Mason-Cox Liberal  
Natalie Ward Liberal 2027
Natasha Maclaren-Jones Liberal 2027
Peter Poulos Liberal  
Scott Farlow Liberal
Shayne Mallard Liberal
Taylor Martin Liberal 2027 
Benjamin Franklin The Nationals
Bronwyn Taylor The Nationals 
Sam Farraway The Nationals    2027
Sarah Mitchell The Nationals    2027
Scott Barrett The Nationals     
Wes Fang The Nationals  2027
Mark Latham One Nation Party
Rod Roberts One Nation Party  2027
Mark Banasiak Shooters, Fishers and Farmers 2027
Robert Borsak Shooters, Fishers and Farmers



ACL cannot tell you who to vote for.  We can however share information about candidates. Some candidates will be stronger Christians than others.  If a few good candidates get elected to the upper house, they may be able to frustrate the progressive social agenda of an incumbent government.