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Opposition to Christian education around the country has reached crisis point. New Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) recommendations would force Christian schools to permit teaching ideas completely opposite to their deeply held beliefs on sexuality and gender. If we don’t speak up urgently to convince the Albanese Government to get serious about rejecting this proposal, you will see the end of authentic Christian schooling in Australia.  

What it’s about:

The ALRC has recently released its Consultation Paper on removing religious exemptions from the Sex Discrimination Act. Despite noting the importance of religious freedom and parental rights, it proceeds to recommend severe restrictions of those rights. Specifically, the proposed reforms will:

  1. Strip religious schools of the right to hire staff who share their religious ethos unless their role is specifically “a religious role”, such as a religious studies teacher or a chaplain.
  2. Prevent religious schools requiring staff to model their religious beliefs in the area of gender and sexuality.
  3. Restrict the ability for religious schools, on behalf of parents, to address student behaviour in the area of gender and sexuality.

These are grave and alarming proposals that would entrench ‘progressive’ ideologies about gender and sexuality and destroy your rights to educate your children in accordance with your religious and moral convictions. At present, the proposed reforms are limited to religious educational institutions, but the ALRC has proposed that its recommendations be extended to all religious institutions in due course. 

Your action today will send a powerful message to our federal politicians that these recommendations are unacceptable.


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